How It Works

How it Works

Getting Started is Simple

The primary objective of Rent Masters USA is to pay the rent advance of your beloved families, friends and staff for up to two years directly to the landlord and allow you (financial guarantor) to repay the rent back to Rent Masters USA in a monthly and affordable payments over the same period of the rental agreement.

To get started, an applicant must complete an online application; submit proof of income, proof of identification and pay an application processing fee of $10 per beneficiary.

Rent Masters USA will verify the submitted application and all supporting documents to determine its correctness and authenticity.

In as little as 5 to 10 business days, Rent Masters USA will evaluate the affordability for the rent amount being sort and notify applicant of the application acceptance or denial.

If an application is accepted, Rent Masters USA will advise your beneficiary to begin apartment search and rent advance payment is made directly to the Landlord as soon as an ideal accommodation is identified.

After rent advance payment is made, USA applicant (financial guarantor) will be obligated to make low and affordable monthly rent payment to Rent Masters USA at the beginning of each month as rent is usually paid.

Enjoy your peace of mind, knowing your families and loved ones are safe in a safe and secure residential housing.

Complete and submit your online or paper application

Submit proof of identification, income and employment.

Upon approval within 5 to 10 business days, your rent advance will be paid directly to your landlord

Benefits of Our Products

Some Common Advantages Of Signing Up with Rent Masters

Pay monthly rent and use your savings for land purchase

Pay monthly rent and use your savings to buy a car

Pay monthly rent and use your savings to build your dream house

Pay monthly rent and keep your savings for a rainy day (Emergency)

Pay monthly rent and live where you want to.

Live comfortable

Apply today and have your rent paid in less than 2 weeks

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